Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Concealed Weapons - It's not a Misdemeanor!

I've been avoiding this subject and now I must spill the beans....Isabella unknowingly, admittedly tried to bring a switch blade through TSA Baltimore during Spring Break.  I know what you're thinking....what?  Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.  Only I was thinking more like what the heck, doesn't she know the world we live in?  I guess the answer to that question is no.  So, we had a talk, and basically she forgot.  Don't you just love when you hear that!  It's really frustrating being a parent and getting that response.  But the truth is, her father bought the knife while on a trip to N.C. for her brother, Ricky.  He gave the knife to Isabella when she left for college.  All sounds harmless, right, read this.

It is unlawful in any state to bring a concealed weapon through security at an airport.  The measure of justice (either 3 years in prison or $1K fine) is dependent upon the type of weapon and how much harm it can bring to another human being.

You will be processed at the local municipality jail until it is determined if you are still "harmless".
Luckily, Isabella was released and allowed to fly the following day, but not without spending time in a local jail cell in Glen Burnie County, Maryland.

Mom's and Dad's, the "boy talk" and "sex talk" should now include the "defend yourself" talk.  Further, Mace is acceptable form of defense and doesn't carry the weight of a "concealed weapon" charge.  Here's some more information: if you'd like to learn more.  Her hearing is June 2nd in Baltimore; I've hired an attorney for her, unwillingly, but for the better.  Will keep you posted....regards, Karen G.

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