Major life event, the Loggerhead Triathlon, happened on  August 3, 2013.  Here is a photo and my journal for the event:
    This photo is courtesy of the Palm Beach Post Newspaper Photographer.

JOURNAL:  When I saw the ocean, again, I was overcome with anxiety. When it was my turn to swim

I panicked and said a prayer. I wanted to give up during the swim. It was too much for me.
Then I remembered how long I had been training for and I thought, no way, I'm not a quitter.
Then, in transition, I talked myself it my favorite part of the event, the cycle! I blew through
the 13 miles in like 40 minutes. I was stoked. Then in transition, I gave myself some fast fuel,
Go Gel. At first I thought okay, this pain in my stomach is all the sugar. Please turn this into
fuel! Soon afterwards during the run, I saw my sister. She cheered for me so hard and I was
about to cry. All the blisters on my feet and the pains in my stomach. It was near the end. Then
I saw a woman in a wheelchair as a volunteer. She looked at me and said, "you're almost done,
go!" Well that was the final inspiration for me. I could not quit, I had to keep going, for myself,
my Mother, and my father who lay in a hospital bed almost comatose. I am a survivor, I am
determined and I am strong! Thank you Lord for legs that carried me through the finish line.

xoxoxox ~ all the people in my life that helped train me for this event!  Love you ~Karen

My son Ricky, just turned 19.  I have a little layout that I did.  All products are Designer Digitals by Katie Pertiet.

Love to my family and my son, Ricky!
XOXO, love ~Mom

We had a birthday last month.  Here is the design of the invitation.  I re-worked the gingham kit and reposted it onto Etsy.  It turned out to look a lot more complete with the addition of the daisy cluster and ribbons.  Hop over to Etsy to check out the listing for this kit.

Here is the layout I used to show more of the kit:

Finally got it together with how to post my party decor.  I like calling it "Gear" because it's like a fun necessity.  I don't mean you have to carry it around in a tool box, but if there were a tool box for me, this would be my gear!  All pom poms are hand made and cut.  I do use a template for the larger poms.  The smaller poms have more "scallop" going on.  They look the nicest to me hanging up, so I stayed with that design feature.  They are for sale on my website, available in packages of three (3).  There is one small, medium and large.  Each set of solid color, comes with string and a bamboo stick for tabletop design.  Oh, and did I mention about 20 colors!  Just let me know what color you want, chances are good I can get your color!  You can click on the image to see it larger.

{xoxo} Karen

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