My Services

I offer the following services:  Interior Design Consultation for your home, $75 for 30 minutes.  This is help with the basics, paint selection, furniture layout, window coverings, and accessorizing.  Another service is Staging.  Staging is helpful if you are trying to sell a home, I charge $100 per hour.  It deals with the completion of a room with the basics.  You can provide the design elements for the room, or we can shop for you. While we're talking about staging, another service would be Shopping for Accessories.  Accessorizing has to do with small items you would need to complete a design and they would include pillows, knick knacks, familly heirlooms, photographs and art.  I offer that service at $75 per hour. The last service I offer is photography.  My photography services are for families, individuals, or products.  My sit fee for photography of one person or family is $75 per hour and includes a CD of your photos.

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If you are interested in any of the above, you can email me at: or call me at 561-512-3847, it's that easy!  Have a blessed day.  Karen