Friday, August 17, 2012

What's Up Dude?

When I started on this journey one year ago, I never thought I would be able to design myself.  Or should I say design enough stuff.  Why, do I want to design stuff?  Because I live and breath in design.  You know some people are spiritual and always have the nice things to say when we're down.  Well, I'm your friend that always can help you see a new color, texture, or just a cool "dude" saying.  My eldest son is such a "dude bro."  You know what I mean, they walk around all quiet saying little jokes that only their BFF dude bro understands.  They watch TV shows called, "Bully Beat Down" and "Ridiculousness".  Are you smiling yet?  Do you know a Dude?  I have two dudes at home and this is really just my desire to capture them in the colors and textures.  I'm putting them on sale over at my Etsy store.  {I still love that platform and love all the craftsmen there.}  The links will be below if you want to see them in more detail at the Etsy store.  Have a great day today, and make something creative!  It does the mind good. :)

The layout that inspired "Dude":)