Of late:

 My Godson, Sam on our boat.

 My husbands God-daughter, Patricia with Ben.

 My daughter as a bridesmaid.

My son gave Tiffany a "promise ring", I thought
I'd play around with black and white to 
show it off.

More newer work:
and some more:

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From the holidays!
cousins, buds, family
my daughter at the beach
Annual Holiday Party
December pool water is cold!  It's a shocker.
Enjoying time off at the beach.

And more,

Actions, from My4Hens Photography.
Hope on over there, I used "Hippy, Trippy, Drippy"
on the photos above.   The photos below don't have any
actions, they are camera raw.

Do you need some inspiration?
You can click on this image to see it larger.

I specialize in children's photography
with an emphasis on doing something special 
with the photo.

Above was for a cover of a photo
album i did, the photo is my Niece
and the dog is Bambi.