Thursday, April 7, 2011

Compassionate Pug Rescue

Bambi by the pool; she's a happy girl!

Good Morning or Afternoon to you!  I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite dog rescues, they are Compassionate Pug Rescue.  This is the dog rescue that I got Bambi from.  Now some of you may know the story of Bambi; but I'd like to tell you again.  Bambi came to us in our life after losing Fritzy.  The children and I were nuturing our feelings about Fritzy because we really loved her.  We waited about a year and saw a really nice article in the newspaper.  There was a link posted and I followed up with them.  Several days later I was filling out an application and being "reviewed" (all potential parents are reviewed).  We were later selected to have a pug in our home!  We were excited but we did not know which dog we wanted.  We were referred to the website and were soon understanding each dog personally.  I could not believe that were so fortunate to help out one of these struggling dogs.  We were prepared and that is what the mission is all about at the Compassionate Pug Rescue.  They are honest and upfront and have a sincere desire to place a pug in your family that fits.  We all have adjustments in life and this Pug Rescue does pug placement well!  Help out your local rescue or this one if you prefer, here is the link: Compassionate Pug Rescue

Have a great day!

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