Monday, April 30, 2012

Design on a shoe string budget, "An Artist's Loft"

When I saw those Jackson Pollackish walls, I was scared.  I mean, walls that have blackish paint splattered all over them are not something I’ve worked with before.  I had my opinion and it was not nice.  But, this was my daughter’s room.  I couldn’t show the least bit of dislike/hate for those walls.  I needed to smile and keep my mouth shut.  Until she mentioned it, then I would unload my opinion in a rather Jane Austin way, “can we paint them a cheerful color?” 
That was a good try on my part, but for Isabella Gonzalez, those walls were perfect, and I better just smile and move on.  There was no way on God’s green earth they were changing, {even if I sprung for the paint.}

My next mission was those rugs.  I mean, really, REALLY?  They are so dirty, “but Mom, I’m fine with it for now.” Swallow hard and move on.Surely, I can find something cozy, inviting to work with.  “Mom, work with the ceramics, and spread them out on the table.”  Okay, can I layer them? “Can I hang them on a shelf, how, what…”  My whole one hour was me feeling my way through the forest blindly!
“Mom, don’t get mad, but I’m going to re-do the ceramic area.”  “No problem, can I vacuum the rugs?”  “Oh yes, please, they really need it.”  {They need to be thrown out.}  The $15 Bissell vacuum did a great job, I only had to empty it five times and meanwhile, I’m sneezing uncontrollably.  They looked 50% better after that, another Jane Austin suggestion, “I remember seeing a beautiful red Persian in one of the stores.”  “Mom, what size,” she asks. “Um, a 6’ x 9’”, I stammer.  I am so lying, but she won’t give me my way no matter what!

“Your Dad and I are going for lunch, how about we let you finish up?” “Sure, can you bring me back lunch?”  When we got back, it was in this set up.  At that moment, I knew, this really was perfect for her.  The floor plan is 20’ x 20’.  She can do her artwork there in her room and not really ruin anything.  {At her other place, she couldn’t do that, for fear of getting paint on everything.} She displays her artwork, reads, sleeps, relax all in 400 square feet of space.  She can participate in gallery shows outside the room in the common area.  That was a BIGGIE.   Artists need to commune, critique and grow with other artists.  This space is all that and a slice of bread.  I’m so proud of her for finding this on her own.  She even had 50% moved over before we got there.  All she needed was grunt Father to install shelves, and grunt Mother to find suggest her furniture choices.  I get it!  I’m here to tell her, “it’s you, all YOU flower!”


  1. I was extremely glad to have my mother help me buy some things for my room because I have not had help moving with my parents previously, nor had a good room to myself with such large and beautiful space!...much less a big window with lots of light. I am so grateful. Thanks momma y papa

  2. Grateful that you are inspired there! Your success is what we want for you, mi amor! Besitos para tu! Su Madre.