Friday, April 20, 2012

Confessions from an Interior Designer (who hates cleaning)

It’s true, I love my cleaning products because they help me get the job done.  When I had to work 9-5 Monday – Friday, I had to reserve Saturdays for cleaning.  Now that I’m stay-at-home homeschool Mom, a term I do not take for granted, but appreciate, I confess, I need my cleaning products!  For me it’s deeper than cleaning, it’s maintaining a 3500 square foot home that has general routine maintenance, lest it looks “worn”.  And that is undeniably the last thing this interior designer wants her home to look.

So here it is, the top 7 list of can’t live without products, that you might want to consider.  In no particular order:

Rubber gloves – need these because well, I like to tell the manicurist that my hands don’t see water!  I prefer the more glamorous ones “Gloveables, black cheetah”.  Believe me, it’s a mind-set and those gloves get me on a roll.  Bottom line is that rubber gloves are protection for your pretty hands and that’s why I love them!

Old English Polish – favorite “go-to” for all my Indonesian wood furniture and wood trim.  Whenever there’s a scratch, this stuff handles it.  It’s referred to by some as “stain-in-a-bottle.”  I like it but remember when you use it, to wear  your gloves.  This stuff stains and needs dry time.  So don’t be rubbing up against whatever you use it on, it’s as strong as stain so use with caution.

Tarn-X – tarnish remover, for your silver, platinum, gold and diamonds.  Yeah, it works on diamonds.  I’ve not tried that, but it says you can.  I use it on my silverware because I’m old school and I still have silver lying around.  I’m about to phase those serving pieces out, but for the meantime, it’s the perfect go-to and if your tarnish is really built up, pour it into Tupperware and let those babies soak!

Tru Bamboo Oil and Wipes – my friend owns this business and gave this to me, but I highly recommend you buy it.  It works on your bamboo cutting boards.  This product is sold in Florida at Publix Supermarket.  Bamboo is a natural plant so it tends to dry out. Plus, I also have bamboo designed into my house, so I use it on that too.  But, get the wipes because they further the oils penetration/
absorption.  A regular cloth just soaks up, the wipes aid in spread. 

Goo Gone – I am asked repeatedly about “sticker glue”.  This is your product.  It takes off anything sticky.  So when your kids grow out of the sticker phase and you need to clean up, use this.  You can also use it on lipstick, crayon, anything gummy.  I highly recommend it be in your tool cleaning box.

Murphy Oil Soap – It’s been awhile, and I remember the smell of this at my Grandmother’s house.  It’s for wood furniture that is dark in stain.  I use this because the majority of my furniture is dark and it looks dusty/dull over time.  This product seems to breathe new life into its finish.  I put it on a cloth, add water and wipe down.  Easy and fast, this product is the perfect go to when you need to add some shine back into your furniture.
Goof Off – this is a powerful one.  I only use this when necessary because it’s like nail polish remover.  It works for taking off paint, ink, anything that won’t come off, will with this.  I don’t use this on soft surfaces, it is for hard surfaces like tile, terrazzo, slate (sometimes carpet).  Test a small area first and then go to it.  It is extremely strong smelling so use it in a ventilated area.

Alright, now for some love, if you landed here and I gave you something you can use, give me some love and leave me a comment or if you’re feeling really good and you want to make me smile, “follow”.  Thank you, have a wonderful day!


  1. What the heck? This is what children are for! Guess who????

    1. Ceci! I know it must be you! Gonna give you a call about Stelly coming up (over) in July.

  2. great post! will definitely keep this in mind :)

  3. Murphy's oil soap is great for cleaning leather, too. I used to use it for cleaning all the tack for my horses (saddles, bridles, etc). Leaves leather soft and supple.

    1. Teri: my favorite go to, thanx for letting me know. I'll try some on the leather in the office.