Sunday, October 30, 2011

There's a change coming..

Do you know when change is coming?  I kinda do.  I guess I say that because I know when a full moon is coming.  Everything in my house goes a little crazy.  Well, I want to start working on a book for my Father.  This is the beginning, where we are now. 

You see, a change has happened to us.  Our family, my Father, Sister and I.  We have come together.  Since losing our Mother, it seems we've needed each other; like no other time in our lives.  I can't seem to put my finger on it, I just know a change is coming.  My sister is here and doing well.  She's become the confident woman I've always know she could be.  She's strong and makes me always laugh at myself and her!  She's been a welcome surprise to Florida this year.  She lives down the street from me and I love seeing her and her son on the weekends. 

Sometimes she's sitting at the table and she's laughing and I almost start to cry because she reminds me so much of my Mother.  Dang, it happens again.  Families are like that - we resemble each other.  We are the mirrors of each other - our parents.  I see it in my own children.  I was most inspired for this layout to get the photo in the middle of my Father with my Sister, Rose.  They look like their talking about something in-depth or serious.  Thing is, they are just having small talk now.  We have to comfort my Father because his memory is going.  His disease, Parkinson's does that, it's stolen his memory.  But, he is doing good for his age.  He's coming up on 75 next year.  I need my Sister like I need water.  She makes me laugh....I hope I make her laugh too, now there's a good change!

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  1. Karen.. Your sister is very bless to have you there. You are the pillar of your family and God has given you the strength and courage. You make me laugh! How Bless you must feel to have your family close by!! Love and miss you!