Thursday, September 22, 2011

Faith - The Story of John the Baptist

I posted some art earlier this week - My Picnic Kit collection.  Now I'd like to post some "Faith".  The name of my blog has been changed to Faith, Love & Art because I believe that all three are essential to creating enjoyable art.  My son and I are on this journey of homeschooling.  He is in 6th grade and we are teaching the Mother of Divine Grace Curriculum.  I received this curriculum from my awesome Sister-In-Law.  She has homeschooled it to her children for many years.  It is a program that I am enjoying and would recommend to you.  My faith blog for today is this passage from the Bible Luke 1:5-31.  It is the Infancy of John the Baptist and Jesus.  In this reading we meet Zecharia the husband of Elizabeth.  An angel appears to Zecharia and tells him that his wife is about to have a baby and that he will free many men and lead them to Jesus (his cousin).  When I read this story to my son, he was full of joy.  He could understand the cousin thing and a man being afraid of an angel inasmuch that he did something wrong and the appearance of an angel was frightening.  He even understood when Zecharia accepted what the angel was telling him.  Everything was going along fine, until I opened my big mouth and told him that when Mary went to visit Elizabeth, the baby, John, lept for joy in her womb.  That was the breaking point.  There comes a time when information is too much.  Maybe it was the fact that he was a male and because males don't carry babies in their stomach they don't understand such things.  I'm not sure.  He just had a hard time understanding that a baby can "leep" in a woman's womb.  He just could not wrap his brain around this.  When I realized how difficult it was for him, I backed off.  I later talked to my husband and he said he would talk to him.  I'm not sure what they talked about.  My internal struggle is to not discuss, bring up, or mention anything more about this.  Until he has another question, my lips are sealed.  Some of you know me, some of you do not.  For those of you that don't this is really hard for me!  It could be hard for anyone.  The curriculum has daily (10-15 minutes) of religion and the concept of angels was this week.  We looked up different times the good angels appeared to people in the Bible and there is are things to discuss and think about.  This religion is taught from The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Cathechism.  This Cathechism book is wonderful; I just need to stay on track.  When you love your faith and you embrace your faith, its easy to get carried away.  My lesson was to slow down because he tells me.  Amen.  ~Karen 

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  1. Great.. Post. I can just see his face.. I am not looking forward to that stage in life.. Great picture!

    Miss and Love you!