Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Cuban Exiles on the Trade Embargo

Recently published, Cuban Exiles on the Trade Embargo, provides an in depth look at the Cuban trade embargo the US has set up against Cuba.  Edward Gonzalez, a long-time citizen to the United States, gives us this history lesson which is not an American teaching.  Why? Why does the US continue to remain neutral as a country hangs in the balance of disaster?  Why are so many exiles frustrated?  This book takes a look at this and uncovers the roots of Cuba.  It further outlines, with repeated interviews, the impact of the embargo upon each “interviewee.”  It’s a fabulous history lesson, with a sad and gripping story from the perspective of a Doctor, a Priest, an educator, a nun.  When will this nation be released from the grips of Fidel Castro? 

Highly recommend this book; the author did his homework.  You won’t be disappointed. 

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