Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lucky - Email challenge from Designer Digitals

I want to tell you that Designer Digitals is a website based around the digital design and implementation of scrapbooking with computer software.  If it were not for them, I would not have pushed myself into learning Photoshop CS4.  I was completely taken aback when I stumbled upon their site.  They taught me that you can buy, create and submit to their site.  You have a lot of discussion places and learning areas to help you with your software.  A lot of the people that post here are also great photographers!  So, as far as help, you can get it.  Here is my layout for this week's challenge.  The items that were included in the challenge were the flower stem (the stem is in black, you have to figure out how to color it) and taped frame around the photo. I have to say that the effect of colorizing a PNG file is cool.  I really wanted to let the layout and photo speak for themselves that is why I didn't journal.  If I decide I need to say something, hey, no problem, just add it in Photoshop!  Thanx for looking, feel free to post if you would like.

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