Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Black Tie Season in Palm Beach

The most famous time of the year is upon me.  That season would be, Black Tie Season.  Every year I pull out my calendar and sort through all the invitations that send me to one of the most fabulous hotels in the Country, The Breakers Hotel. 

I must tell you that to pull up, valet, descend and breathe in the most luxurious of spaces is a treat!  I don't take it for granted, I admire it and wish everyone could see it.  I wanted to create this post today so I could describe for you the joy of attending an event at the Breakers.

The first thing you notice are the interiors, they are exquisite.  Everything is grand, bold and cheerful.  The ladies behind the desk all wear a new for 2011 "tiffany blue" suits.  I won't bore you with all the details of the interiors but I will tell you that their floral bouquets adorning the hallways are as big as my downstairs half bathroom.  I love fresh cut flowers and you will always see many flowers at the Breakers.  If you want to sit down and rest before going into your event ballroom, you can sit anywhere, they don't care.  But when you sit down, it's like sinking into a huge piece of furniture.  Nothing is of "residential" scale, this is "hotel" scale.  I wonder if I will ever design a hotel?  Moving on, when you go to your ballroom, it is a long walk.  When you finally get there, there is a receiving room, or a "drinks" room.  You don't really go into the ballroom until the servers are ready setting everything up.  When you do go in, WOW, it's magnificent.  The table setting is perfect.  Everyone is hugging and kissing and photographing.  It's amazing to see how beautiful table arrangements are.  This year all the tables were done eclectic.  Each table either had tall clear glass cala lillies inside w/floater candles.  Another table had a huge clear vase with a lamp shade and dripping crystals off of it.  It would be shameful if I didn't tell you about the music.  It was a one piece band, singing all Andre Bocelli's songs!  I have to tell you I really enjoyed it.

Before we knew it, they gave out all their awards (no Rick was not a recipient this year), amazed us with "Power Speeches" and we cheered, clapped and ate.  I almost forgot, the food is outrageous.  The chefs are from all over the world and can I tell you "world-class" baby!  We feasted this night on shrimp, filet mignon, and about 50 desserts.  I really needed a girdle after this event.  It was then time to go home, this Cinderella needs her rest.  Before our exit we popped our head out the door to view the "Ocean".  It was raging as usual and their was a full moon.  It was absoultely breath taking!

When we were leaving, the Conceirge took our photo, I was so impressed.  We proceeded to valet, and typical Breakers style, they had the gas heaters outside going. (these are about 8' tall and very powerful) Wouldn't want any precious Palm Beach or European guests getting cold in the South Florida weather, now would we?!  Our Volvo pulled around and everyone said goodbye, that is the ladies huddled under the heater.   Gotta love Palm Beach, gotta celebrate life every day.

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